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Keeping up with the latest developments can be tough, but a ProTrader subscription makes it easier than ever. ProTrader improves your trading skills by helping you research prices, spot the hottest cards, learn new trading strategies and more! It’s everything you need to continuously grow the value of your collection.

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"The MTGPrice Pro Trader tools give me everything I need to track my collection, keep up to date on card prices and identify the holes in the market that lead to profits. If you're serious about MTG Finance, you should be serious about ProTrader."

James Chillcott


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I use MTGPrice as my selling price at the store, been super happy with the site so far :)

- @corbinhosler

You know, I actually really like @mtgprice. I feel it's my new go to for price tracking.

- @VorthosMike

Great descision on handling the #PTKTK coverage like that. Awesome work to the writers too. Glad to be a ProTrader.

- @boltsnapbolt

The best "MTGFinance" content on the web

We have more top-tier MTG finance authors writing for us than any other site and only ProTraders can access every article! In addition, your ProTrader subscription gives you access to the Brainstorm Brewery financial podcast a full 24 hours before everyone else!

With ProTrader, our free collection tracker is significantly improved. You can add prices and inventory data for specific stores, see the best buylist price for every card you own, create unlimited custom one-click filters and create up to 20 seperate "collections."

Collection tracking for serious collectors

Our writers post regularly in the ProTrader private forums. Need to ask a question or discuss a new spec idea? Post in the forums! Unlike "anyone can access" free sites, the ProTrader forums are moderated, ensuring high-quality convensations are the norm.

ProTrader forums: join a community of experts

Track buylist changes as they happen

As part of your daily Market Update emails, you'll be notified of important buylist changes - one of the best indicators of increasing demand. 

Major stores use Power Search to price their inventories on a daily basis. Hyper-customizable search with saveable filters help you check "Modern-legal commons over $1" one moment and "ABU duals" seconds later.

Power Search: find the needle in the haystack

Imagine a spreadsheet with every card in a set and with prices for every store. Imagine it's color coded to show the best price and inventory levels and is sortable by any column and you have the Money Board - the best way to see the whole market for a set at a glance.

Money Board: the whole market on one page.

Raw Inventory Data

ProTrader's historical graphs of "in stock" inventory are one of the best ways of telling if a card is stable at the current price. Sharply rising inventory often means a price reduction is coming, while repeated sell-outs often come before a price spike.

Our Best Deals tool helps you find arbitrage opportunities for a specific store - ideal if you have store credit. Even better, you can find all arbs between two stores so you only need to ship to one location.

Advanced Arbitrage

Every day, ProTraders receive an email with the hottest cards, major inventory movements, changes in spread, cards that dropped in price and more. We have emails covering Modern, Legacy and foil cards - choose just one, or all three!

Daily Market Emails


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